Signature Talks & Workshops

  • Flipping the Script: Reframing Sex Education for Black Women, Femmes, and Girls
    • Sex education’s lack of cultural and historical competence and it’s narrow focus on the mechanics of sex (pregnancy and HIV/STD prevention) has failed Black women, girls, and femmes. Despite years of targeted programs and interventions, this population continually experiences immense sexual health disparities. This workshop explores the history of sex education in the US and how society’s conceptions of race and gender have shaped how we approach sex education for marginalized populations. Participants will learn how current models of sex education can be transformed into culturally-responsive, sex-positive, intersectional practices that facilitate healthy sexual outcomes and livelihoods for Black women, femmes, and girls.
  • Sex and the Wellness Visit: Talking to Your Patients about Sex
    • A healthy sex life is an essential element of holistic wellness. Yet, discussing sex can be awkward, even for clinicians. But, it doesn’t have to be. This workshop is designed to help healthcare providers broach the topic of sex with their patients during annual wellness visits and beyond. The workshop will cover bias in patient-physician communication, sexual identity and orientation 101, gender identity 101, and effective sexual history taking. Participants receive essential strategies and resources they can immediately implement in their practices that will foster open, honest,  judgment-free communication. This workshop can be customized for providers working with adolescents and young adults.
  • Keepin’ It Hot Series for Women and Femmes
    • Keepin’ it Hot: Sexy Education for Women and Femmes
      • Who said grown folks don’t need sex ed? Sex education is not just for the kids! This customizable workshop provides a relaxed, safe, and intimate space for women and femmes to discuss those topics not covered by grade school health teachers. Topics include sexual anatomy, pleasure & orgasms, body changes/confidence, love & relationships, and sexual dysfunction.
    • Keepin’ it Hot: Sex After Kids
      • Kids change everything. The new and on-going responsibilities of motherhood/parenthood naturally change our relationships with our partners and ourselves. Not to mention, they can wreak havoc on our sex lives. This workshop helps mothers and parents navigate body changes, low desire, intimacy challenges, and guilt while providing tips for re-building sexual confidence.
    • Keepin’ it Hot: Sex After 50
      • Just because menopause happened doesn’t mean that your sex life is over. While things have naturally changed, sex can be just as fulfilling, if not more satisfying, in you 50s and beyond. This workshop provides tips and tricks for women seeking to live their best sexual lives after 50.

Signature Topics

  • Dr. Wendasha is also available for keynotes, workshops, panels, or commentary on the following topics:
    • Women’s Sexual Health & Wellness
    • Sex & Motherhood/Parenthood
    • Sexual Pleasure
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Sexual Communication
    • HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention
    • Love & Sex in College

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