Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall is an educator, speaker, and consultant who provides a fresh, shameless take on sex and relationships. Through her sexuality education brand, The Sensible Sexpert, Dr. Wendasha champions honest, judgment-free, and pleasure-based conversations about sexuality that unabashedly center modern Black women and femmes. Known for her down-to-earth and relatable delivery, she slays stereotypes and misinformation surrounding female sexuality and womanhood, all while holding space for women and femmes to unapologetically live their best sexual lives.

An accomplished researcher and trainer, Dr. Wendasha travels the country sharing her expertise with diverse institutions and organizations. She presents engaging  workshops that challenge participants to consider how the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality directly influences the sexual livelihoods of women and girls of color. Sprinkled with pop culture references and hard-hitting facts, Dr. Wendasha’s workshops encourage audiences to reimagine sexuality education as a culturally competent, inclusive, and pleasure-based practice that promotes sexual empowerment and liberation.

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